Marketers Must Create Moments, Not Messages

Marketers Must Create Moments, Not Messages

Yesterday, a member of my sales team here at Avi Networks relayed a message from a customer at a Fortune 50 company. I’m paraphrasing here, but here is the gist of the message:

I didn’t realize how game changing your solution is. It completely revolutionizes how we do application delivery/load balancing.” - Fortune 50 customer.

Cool, right? My sales colleague called me to tell me this because he wanted us to consider using this messaging in our marketing. You’ll see this language a lot in marketing—”game changing”, “revolutionary”, “transformative”. It’s terrible.


Many companies use language like this in their messaging or cite testimonials that use this language. The problem is that marketers are missing the mark. Bombarding your audience with messages of “I am great” or “others think I am great” doesn’t help them experience that you really are great.

The role of marketing is to help customers and prospects experience an “aha” moment, not to tell them that it exists. Understand the context of the customer:

  • What is the customer’s current experience?
  • What about your product/service was originally intriguing to them?
  • At what point did the customer experience the “aha” moment?

Understand the why and how behind your customer’s “aha” moment, then recreate that same experience for others. You’ll notice that it has very little to do messaging and nothing to do with hyperbolic language.

For example, the “aha” moment may come when you expose a pain that they customer didn’t know they had. It may occur when the customer sees a demo of the product/service. It may happen when you get the technical buyer and economic buyer in the same room together. Focus on what triggers your customer to get hyped about you.

Once you have the trigger(s) identified, design your marketing programs to a drive your customers to these “aha” moments. Yes, it is great to share customer testimonials for validation, but it is imperative that these messages don’t get in the way of customers experiencing the moment. As an example, if your product/service makes a customer’s life easier, don’t tell your audience—show them!

Marketing and sales professionals are excited to promote their products and services, but it’s the “aha” moments, not the messages, that created that excitement in the first place. Package that experience and share it with customers. Leave the hyperbole and buzzwords to companies who are marketing to themselves. Stand out by sharing powerful moments with your customers.

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Stop Optimizing Bad Content, Create Quality Content